Eczema Approved Cleansing Baby Wipes
Gentle all-over clean

Cleansing Baby Wipes

Eczema-approved, hypoallergenic 2-in-1 formula specifically created to be used on sensitive skin on BOTH sets of cheeks



80 wet towelettes 7 in x 8 in (17.7 cm x 20.3 cm)

Product Features


Keep baby clean from nose to toes! These soft, luxurious cleansing baby wipes are effective enough to use nose to toes yet gentle enough to use even on irritated or sensitive skin. An alcohol-free blend of our Marine Silk Complex, vitamins E and B5, organic aloe and comfrey provides moisturizing and antioxidant benefits, while ginger and bisabolol (from chamomile) soothe and calm irritation. Gentle All Over Cleansing Baby Wipes clean Baby’s skin on both sets of cheeks for squeaky clean and silky soft skin!  

Gentle All Over Cleansing Baby Wipes Product Features

  • Developed by Pediatrician-Moms
  • Contains NO alcohol, parabens, phthalates, lanolin, mineral oil, petroleum or waxes
  • Triple-action marine silk complex helps strengthen skin, encourage elasticity and improve moisture retention
  • Cleansing Baby Wipes 2-in-1 formula specifically created to be used on BOTH sets of cheeks
  • Gentle enough to use on newborns, sensitive or irritated skin
  • Contains certified organic aloe, comfrey, bisabolol, ginger root, marine silk and antioxidant vitamins E and B5 to calm, soothe and protect skin
  • Clinically tested & hypoallergenic
  • Made in the USA - No animal testing
  • Winner! PTPA Parent Tested Parent Approved Award & Green Seal
  • Recipient of National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance
For ultra Sensitive skin try our Fragrance Free Cleansing Baby Wipes

Additional information

Weight .96 lbs




To use: Open lid, pull out cleansing towelette, gently wipe baby from nose to toes. When using in diaper area,

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8 reviews for Cleansing Baby Wipes

  1. Tori (verified owner)

    I really like these – they seem to clean very well while not leaving residue behind on my baby’s skin like other wipes we’ve used. I like that they are made in the USA, and they do not irritate my baby’s super sensitive skin. I also use them on my hands when we are out and about and I don’t have quick access to a sink. Overall a great product and are now our go-to wipes.

  2. jessica8b (verified owner)

    We love these wipes! They had a nice smell and did a great job. We used them to clean up diaper messes and food messes and they came through each time. My daughter has kp and a lot of things seem to aggravate it, but these did not. My only complaints would be that Some of the wipes felt like they were a bit too dry at times.

  3. Tkolive (verified owner)

    My toddler has extremely sensitive fair skin and several food intolerances. His poor skin has been through so much with eczema as a baby from a gluten sensitivity and then a few months ago he started with a rash around his mouth that wouldn’t go away. We tried hydrocortisone cream, antibiotic ointment, and aquaphor. It was being irritated by something and we couldn’t figure it out. We discovered it was the baby wipes. I always use a wet washcloth on his face, but the daycare was using regular wipes. I asked them to start using sensitive wipes but he was still breaking out. Then we asked the daycare to just use wet paper towels and his face cleared up. We bought these wipes to use to get rid of crusty boogers and food and they have worked wonderfully without irritation or rash. They are ‘wetter’ than regular baby wipes and I have to use less to clean his diaper area and face. They are expensive but worth every penny.

  4. Italianrebellion (verified owner)

    GREAT PRODUCT FOR ECZEMA!!! This product is in fact for babies & I’ve used it for my precious little one. It’s far better than Pampers, Honest, major brands & good generic mimics. HOWEVER I gave this a try on my mid to severe eczema, it’s AMAZING! If you suffer from this STOP READING AND PUT IT IN YOUR CART. I wake often in the middle of the night from that gnawing itching when you’ll sit for hours itching away just to get any relief. First time I used it was after a shower before bed, I did my normal 4 layers of moisturixers & take a Benadryl to help sleep and to hope stop itching before it happens. Low and behold, middle of the night I’m itching like a dog! Had the wipes next to my bed from my daughter & used one wiping both effected areas. WORKS INCREDIBLY. I’ve tried OTC, herbal, accupuncture, presciptions. Go figure a baby wipe worked?! YES INDEED. While I can’t say this alone wiped away all my itching, it’s definatly helped me sleep better without using expensive alternatives. Every night I still take a Benadryl, but every night these wipes are just as much a staple to sleep as much as a pillow. If I can help anyone with any questions, please ask away. I was lucky enough to get this at a great discount, well worth every penny.

  5. K.C. (verified owner)

    This is the second MD Moms purchase I have made. The first was their diaper rash cream, which I love and use on my son every night. I figured if I liked the cream I would also like the wipes. These wipes are great. Similar to Huggies one and done. My son has senisitive skin and bad eczema and these wipes don’t seem to irritate it at all. They were delivered in a box which I prefer over the huge envelopes. Highly recommend trying these wipes.

  6. Chad D. (verified owner)

    My son has eczema and at times will all of a sudden break out. He has not had any breakout issues that we can recall due to the use of these wipes, but we cannot link a breakout to other wipes either. We generally make our own wipes for at home, but these packs are nice for on the go. They are nice an moist and do a good job of cleaning.

  7. Justin (verified owner)

    You can’t really go wrong when water is your first ingredient. These things are a decent substitute to washing your hands with soap. They do not inflame the eczema on my hands at all. I do feel like I have clean hands afterward. I don’t know how many germs you can kill and still remain Eczema approved, but they smell great and I feel clean.

  8. skc85 (verified owner)

    These are great wipes. I mostly use them to clean up my 3 year old’s face before nap and bed, but they can be used for so many things. Throw a pack in the car and you will be ready for whatever your kids get into 🙂

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