Diaper Rash

Redness over the diaper area including genitals, buttocks, and thighs. Increased discomfort, especially at diaper-changing time. Tight, papery skin or skin that is shiny and bright red.

Diaper Rash Treatment from MD Moms

Babys Bottom Lotion

Soothing Bottom Relief Diaper Cream

Hypoallergenic, light-weight Baby Silk soothing bottom relief cream for sensitive skin protects, soothes, heals and moisturizes all-in-one.

Treat Babies Diaper Rash


Treatment Area: Under diaper
Ages: Diapered babies and children
For Prevention: For prevention of rash: apply a pea sized amount to diaper area with each diaper change. No need to rub it off. Goes on white and turns clear.
For Treatment: For treatment of rash, cleanse baby's bottom gentle with warm water and a soft towel, dry, apply Soothing Bottom Relief with every diaper change. When baby naps, leave the diaper area open to air to help heal.
When to Expect: Improvement in 2-3 days
When to see a Doctor: If conditions do not improve or worsen within 2-3 days, contact your pediatrician.

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